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This file is a partial list of people who have contributed to the LLVM
project.  If you have contributed a patch or made some other contribution to
LLVM, please submit a patch to this file to add yourself, and it will be 

The list is sorted by name and formatted to allow easy grepping and
beautification by scripts.  The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address
(W), PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address

N: Vikram Adve
E: vadve@cs.uiuc.edu
W: http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/~vadve/
D: The Sparc64 backend, provider of much wisdom, and motivator for LLVM

N: Owen Anderson
E: resistor@mac.com
D: LCSSA pass and related LoopUnswitch work, TargetData refactoring, random improvements

N: Henrik Bach
D: MingW Win32 API portability layer

N: Nate Begeman
E: natebegeman@mac.com
D: PowerPC backend developer
D: Target-independent code generator and analysis improvements

N: Daniel Berlin
E: dberlin@dberlin.org
D: ET-Forest implementation.

N: Misha Brukman
E: brukman+llvm@uiuc.edu
W: http://misha.brukman.net
D: Portions of X86 and Sparc JIT compilers, PowerPC backend
D: Incremental bytecode loader

N: Cameron Buschardt
E: buschard@uiuc.edu
D: The `mem2reg' pass - promotes values stored in memory to registers

N: Chandler Carruth
E: chandlerc@gmail.com
D: LinkTimeOptimizer for Linux, via binutils integration, and C API

N: Casey Carter
E: ccarter@uiuc.edu
D: Fixes to the Reassociation pass, various improvement patches

N: Evan Cheng
E: evan.cheng@apple.com
D: ARM and X86 backends
D: Instruction scheduler improvements
D: Loop optimizer improvements
D: Target-independent code generator improvements

N: Jeff Cohen
E: jeffc@jolt-lang.org
W: http://jolt-lang.org
D: Native Win32 API portability layer

N: John T. Criswell
E: criswell@uiuc.edu
D: Autoconf support, QMTest database, documentation improvements

N: Rafael Avila de Espindola
E: rafael.espindola@gmail.com
D: The ARM backend

N: Alkis Evlogimenos
E: alkis@evlogimenos.com
D: Linear scan register allocator, many codegen improvements, Java frontend

N: Brian Gaeke
E: gaeke@uiuc.edu
W: http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~gaeke/
D: Portions of X86 static and JIT compilers; initial SparcV8 backend
D: Dynamic trace optimizer 
D: FreeBSD/X86 compatibility fixes, the llvm-nm tool

N: Nicolas Geoffray
E: nicolas.geoffray@lip6.fr
W: http://www-src.lip6.fr/homepages/Nicolas.Geoffray/
D: PPC backend fixes for Linux

N: Louis Gerbarg
D: Portions of the PowerPC backend

N: Saem Ghani
E: saemghani@gmail.com
D: Callgraph class cleanups

N: Dan Gohman
E: djg@cray.com
D: Miscellaneous bug fixes

N: Paolo Invernizzi
E: arathorn@fastwebnet.it
D: Visual C++ compatibility fixes 

N: Patrick Jenkins
E: patjenk@wam.umd.edu
D: Nightly Tester

N: Brad Jones
E: kungfoomaster@nondot.org
D: Support for packed types

N: Dale Johannesen
E: dalej@apple.com
D: ARM constant islands improvements

N: Eric Kidd
W: http://randomhacks.net/
D: llvm-config script

N: Anton Korobeynikov
E: asl@math.spbu.ru
D: Mingw32 fixes, cross-compiling support, minor changes here and there

N: Sumant Kowshik
E: kowshik@uiuc.edu
D: Author of the original C backend

N: Christopher Lamb
E: christopher.lamb@gmail.com
D: aligned load/store support

N: Jim Laskey
E: jlaskey@apple.com
D: Improvements to the PPC backend, instruction scheduling
D: Debug and Dwarf implementation
D: Auto upgrade mangler 
D: llvm-gcc4 svn wrangler

N: Chris Lattner
E: sabre@nondot.org
W: http://nondot.org/~sabre/
D: Primary architect of LLVM

N: Tanya Lattner (formerly Tanya Brethour)
E: tonic@nondot.org
W: http://nondot.org/~tonic/
D: The initial llvm-ar tool, converted regression testsuite to dejagnu
D: Modulo scheduling in the SparcV9 backend
D: Release manager (1.7+)

N: Andrew Lenharth
E: alenhar2@cs.uiuc.edu
W: http://www.lenharth.org/~andrewl/
D: Alpha backend
D: Sampling based profiling

N: Nick Lewycky
E: nicholas@mxc.ca
D: PredicateSimplifier pass

N: Duraid Madina
E: duraid@octopus.com.au
W: http://kinoko.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~duraid/
D: IA64 backend

N: Michael McCracken
E: michael.mccracken@gmail.com
D: Line number support for llvmgcc

N: Vladimir Merzliakov
E: wanderer@rsu.ru
D: Test suite fixes for FreeBSD

N: Morten Ofstad
E: morten@hue.no
D: Visual C++ compatibility fixes 

N: Devang Patel
E: dpatel@apple.com
D: LTO tool, PassManager rewrite, Loop Pass Manager, Loop Rotate
D: GCC PCH Integration (llvm-gcc), llvm-gcc improvements
D: Optimizer improvements

N: Vladimir Prus
W: http://vladimir_prus.blogspot.com
E: ghost@cs.msu.su
D: Made inst_iterator behave like a proper iterator, LowerConstantExprs pass

N: Roman Samoilov
E: roman@codedgers.com
D: MSIL backend

N: Duncan Sands
E: baldrick@free.fr
D: Ada front-end

N: Ruchira Sasanka
E: sasanka@uiuc.edu
D: Graph coloring register allocator for the Sparc64 backend

N: Anand Shukla
E: ashukla@cs.uiuc.edu
D: The `paths' pass

N: Reid Spencer
E: rspencer@reidspencer.com
W: http://reidspencer.com/
D: Stacker, llvmc, llvm-ld, llvm-ar, llvm2cpp, lib/Archive, lib/Linker, 
D: lib/System, bytecode enhancements, symtab hacking, unoverloading of 
D: intrinsics, makefile and configuration system, documentation, various bug 
D: fixing.

N: Adam Treat
E: manyoso@yahoo.com
D: C++ bugs filed, and C++ front-end bug fixes.

N: Bill Wendling
E: isanbard@gmail.com
W: http://web.mac.com/bwendling/
D: The `Lower Setjmp/Longjmp' pass, improvements to the -lowerswitch pass.