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//===-- Passes.h - Target independant code generation passes ----*- C++ -*-===//
// This file defines interfaces to access the target independant code generation
// passes provided by the LLVM backend.


class Pass;
class PassInfo;

// PHIElimination pass - This pass eliminates machine instruction PHI nodes by
// inserting copy instructions.  This destroys SSA information, but is the
// desired input for some register allocators.  This pass is "required" by these
// register allocator like this:  AU.addRequiredID(PHIEliminationID);
extern const PassInfo *PHIEliminationID;

/// SimpleRegisterAllocation Pass - This pass converts the input machine code
/// from SSA form to use explicit registers by spilling every register.  Wow,
/// great policy huh?
Pass *createSimpleRegisterAllocator();

/// LocalRegisterAllocation Pass - This pass register allocates the input code a
/// basic block at a time, yielding code better than the simple register
/// allocator, but not as good as a global allocator.
Pass *createLocalRegisterAllocator();

/// PrologEpilogCodeInserter Pass - This pass inserts prolog and epilog code,
/// and eliminates abstract frame references.
Pass *createPrologEpilogCodeInserter();