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RUN: grep '^ADDR:' %s | sed -s 's/ADDR: //' \
RUN: 	 | llvm-symbolizer --inlining --relative-address -obj="%p/Inputs/coff-exports.exe" \
RUN:	 | FileCheck %s

This test relies on UnDecorateSymbolName, which is Win32-only.
REQUIRES: system-windows
REQUIRES: target-windows
FIXME: This test depends on host, not target.

ADDR: 0x500A
ADDR: 0x5038
ADDR: 0x504B

We get the expected stack trace, except 'foo' appears for the 'bar' frame
because 'bar' isn't in the export table.

CHECK: foo(void)
CHECK: ??:0:0
CHECK: foo(void)
CHECK: ??:0:0
CHECK: main
CHECK: ??:0:0