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RUN: llvm-nm -format darwin %p/Inputs/darwin-m-test1.mach0-armv7 \
RUN:         | FileCheck %s -check-prefix test1
RUN: llvm-nm -format darwin %p/Inputs/darwin-m-test2.macho-i386 \
RUN:         | FileCheck %s -check-prefix test2
RUN: llvm-nm -m %p/Inputs/darwin-m-test3.macho-x86-64 \
RUN:         | FileCheck %s -check-prefix test3

# This is testing that the various bits in the n_desc feild are correct
test1: 00000001 (absolute) non-external _a
test1: 00000008 (common) (alignment 2^2) external _c
test1: 0000000a (__DATA,__data) non-external [no dead strip] _d
test1: 00000004 (__TEXT,__text) non-external [alt entry] _e
test1: 00000000 (__TEXT,__text) non-external [symbol resolver] _r
test1: 00000008 (__TEXT,__text) non-external [Thumb] _t

# This is testing that an N_INDR symbol gets its alias name, the "(for ...)"
test2:          (undefined) external __i
test2:          (indirect) external _i (for __i)

# This is testing is using darwin-m-test3.macho-x86-64 that is linked with
# dylibs that have the follow set of -install_names:
#	Foo.framework/Foo 
#	/System/Library/Frameworks/FooPath.framework/FooPath 
#	FooSuffix.framework/FooSuffix_debug
#	/System/Library/Frameworks/FooPathSuffix.framework/FooPathSuffix_profile
#	FooVers.framework/Versions/A/FooVers
#	/System/Library/Frameworks/FooPathVers.framework/Versions/B/FooPathVers
#	libx.dylib
#	libxSuffix_profile.dylib
#	/usr/local/lib/libxPathSuffix_debug.dylib
#	libATS.A_profile.dylib
#	/usr/lib/libPathATS.A_profile.dylib
#	QT.A.qtx
#	/lib/QTPath.qtx
#	/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
# to test that MachOObjectFile::guessLibraryShortName() is correctly parsing 
# them into their short names.
test3: 0000000100000000 (__TEXT,__text) [referenced dynamically] external __mh_execute_header
test3:                  (undefined) external _atsPathVersSuffix (from libPathATS)
test3:                  (undefined) external _atsVersSuffix (from libATS)
test3:                  (undefined) external _foo (from Foo)
test3:                  (undefined) external _fooPath (from FooPath)
test3:                  (undefined) external _fooPathSuffix (from FooPathSuffix)
test3:                  (undefined) external _fooPathVers (from FooPathVers)
test3:                  (undefined) external _fooSuffix (from FooSuffix)
test3:                  (undefined) external _fooVers (from FooVers)
test3: 0000000100000e60 (__TEXT,__text) external _main
test3:                  (undefined) external _qt (from QT)
test3:                  (undefined) external _qtPath (from QTPath)
test3:                  (undefined) external _x (from libx)
test3:                  (undefined) external _xPathSuffix (from libxPathSuffix)
test3:                  (undefined) external _xSuffix (from libxSuffix)
test3:                  (undefined) external dyld_stub_binder (from libSystem)