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# Instructions that should be valid but currently fail for known reasons (e.g.
# they aren't implemented yet).
# This test is set up to XPASS if any instruction generates an encoding.
# RUN: not llvm-mc %s -triple=mips64-unknown-linux -show-encoding -mcpu=mips64 | not FileCheck %s
# CHECK-NOT: encoding
# XFAIL: *

        .set noat
        abs.ps          $f22,$f8
        add.ps          $f25,$f27,$f13
        alnv.ob         $v22,$v19,$v30,$v1
        alnv.ob         $v31,$v23,$v30,$at
        alnv.ob         $v8,$v17,$v30,$a1
        alnv.ps         $f12,$f18,$f30,$12
        c.eq.ps         $fcc5,$f0,$f9
        c.f.ps          $fcc6,$f11,$f11
        c.le.ps         $fcc1,$f7,$f20
        c.lt.ps         $f19,$f5
        c.nge.ps        $f1,$f26
        c.ngl.ps        $f21,$f30
        c.ngle.ps       $fcc7,$f12,$f20
        c.ngt.ps        $fcc5,$f30,$f6
        c.ole.ps        $fcc7,$f21,$f8
        c.olt.ps        $fcc3,$f7,$f16
        c.seq.ps        $fcc6,$f31,$f14
        c.sf.ps         $fcc6,$f4,$f6
        c.ueq.ps        $fcc1,$f5,$f29
        c.ule.ps        $fcc6,$f17,$f3
        c.ult.ps        $fcc7,$f14,$f0
        c.un.ps         $fcc4,$f2,$f26
        cvt.ps.s        $f3,$f18,$f19
        cvt.s.pl        $f30,$f1
        cvt.s.pu        $f14,$f25
        dmfc0           $10,c0_watchhi,2
        dmtc0           $15,c0_datalo
        madd.ps         $f22,$f3,$f14,$f3
        mov.ps          $f22,$f17
        movf.ps         $f10,$f28,$fcc6
        movn.ps         $f31,$f31,$s3
        movt.ps         $f20,$f25,$fcc2
        movz.ps         $f18,$f17,$ra
        msgn.qh         $v0,$v24,$v20
        msgn.qh         $v12,$v21,$v0[1]
        msub.ps         $f12,$f14,$f29,$f17
        mul.ps          $f14,$f0,$f16
        neg.ps          $f19,$f13
        nmadd.ps        $f27,$f4,$f9,$f25
        nmsub.ps        $f6,$f12,$f14,$f17
        pll.ps          $f25,$f9,$f30
        plu.ps          $f1,$f26,$f29
        pul.ps          $f9,$f30,$f26
        puu.ps          $f24,$f9,$f2
        sub.ps          $f5,$f14,$f26