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let isCodeGenOnly = 1, Predicates = [InMicroMips] in {
def FADD_S_MM : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"add.s", FGR32Opnd, II_ADD_S, 1, fadd>,
                ADDS_FM_MM<0, 0x30>;
def FDIV_S_MM : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"div.s", FGR32Opnd, II_DIV_S, 0, fdiv>,
                ADDS_FM_MM<0, 0xf0>;
def FMUL_S_MM : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"mul.s", FGR32Opnd, II_MUL_S, 1, fmul>,
                ADDS_FM_MM<0, 0xb0>;
def FSUB_S_MM : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"sub.s", FGR32Opnd, II_SUB_S, 0, fsub>,
                ADDS_FM_MM<0, 0x70>;

def FADD_MM  : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"add.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_ADD_D, 1, fadd>,
               ADDS_FM_MM<1, 0x30>;
def FDIV_MM  : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"div.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_DIV_D, 0, fdiv>,
               ADDS_FM_MM<1, 0xf0>;
def FMUL_MM  : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"mul.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_MUL_D, 1, fmul>,
               ADDS_FM_MM<1, 0xb0>;
def FSUB_MM  : MMRel, ADDS_FT<"sub.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_SUB_D, 0, fsub>,
               ADDS_FM_MM<1, 0x70>;

def LWXC1_MM : MMRel, LWXC1_FT<"lwxc1", FGR32Opnd, II_LWXC1, load>,
               LWXC1_FM_MM<0x48>, INSN_MIPS4_32R2_NOT_32R6_64R6;
def SWXC1_MM : MMRel, SWXC1_FT<"swxc1", FGR32Opnd, II_SWXC1, store>,
               SWXC1_FM_MM<0x88>, INSN_MIPS4_32R2_NOT_32R6_64R6;
def LUXC1_MM : MMRel, LWXC1_FT<"luxc1", AFGR64Opnd, II_LUXC1>,
               LWXC1_FM_MM<0x148>, INSN_MIPS5_32R2_NOT_32R6_64R6;
def SUXC1_MM : MMRel, SWXC1_FT<"suxc1", AFGR64Opnd, II_SUXC1>,
               SWXC1_FM_MM<0x188>, INSN_MIPS5_32R2_NOT_32R6_64R6;

def FCMP_S32_MM : MMRel, CEQS_FT<"s", FGR32, II_C_CC_S, MipsFPCmp>,
                  CEQS_FM_MM<0> {
  // FIXME: This is a required to work around the fact that these instructions
  //        only use $fcc0. Ideally, MipsFPCmp nodes could be removed and the
  //        fcc register set is used directly.
  bits<3> fcc = 0;

def FCMP_D32_MM : MMRel, CEQS_FT<"d", AFGR64, II_C_CC_D, MipsFPCmp>,
                  CEQS_FM_MM<1> {
  // FIXME: This is a required to work around the fact that these instructions
  //        only use $fcc0. Ideally, MipsFPCmp nodes could be removed and the
  //        fcc register set is used directly.
  bits<3> fcc = 0;

def BC1F_MM : MMRel, BC1F_FT<"bc1f", brtarget_mm, II_BC1F, MIPS_BRANCH_F>,
              BC1F_FM_MM<0x1c>, ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6;
def BC1T_MM : MMRel, BC1F_FT<"bc1t", brtarget_mm, II_BC1T, MIPS_BRANCH_T>,
              BC1F_FM_MM<0x1d>, ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6;
def CVT_W_S_MM   : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.w.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CVT>,
                   ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0x24>;
def ROUND_W_S_MM : MMRel, StdMMR6Rel, ABSS_FT<"round.w.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_ROUND>,
                   ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0xec>;

def CEIL_W_MM  : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"ceil.w.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_CEIL>,
                 ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0x6c>;
def CVT_W_MM   : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.w.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_CVT>,
                 ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0x24>;
def FLOOR_W_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"floor.w.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_FLOOR>,
                 ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0x2c>;
def ROUND_W_MM : MMRel, StdMMR6Rel, ABSS_FT<"round.w.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_ROUND>,
                 ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0xec>;
def TRUNC_W_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"trunc.w.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_TRUNC>,
                 ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0xac>;

def FSQRT_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"sqrt.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_SQRT_D,
                              fsqrt>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0x28>;

def CVT_L_S_MM   : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.l.s", FGR64Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CVT>,
                   ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0x4>, INSN_MIPS3_32R2;
def CVT_L_D64_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.l.d", FGR64Opnd, FGR64Opnd, II_CVT>,
                   ROUND_W_FM_MM<1, 0x4>, INSN_MIPS3_32R2;

def FABS_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"abs.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_ABS, fabs>,
                ABS_FM_MM<0, 0xd>;
def FMOV_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"mov.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_MOV_S>,
                ABS_FM_MM<0, 0x1>;
def FNEG_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"neg.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_NEG, fneg>,
                ABS_FM_MM<0, 0x2d>;
def CVT_D_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.d.s", AFGR64Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CVT>,
                 ABS_FM_MM<0, 0x4d>;
def CVT_D32_W_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.d.w", AFGR64Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CVT>,
                   ABS_FM_MM<1, 0x4d>;
def CVT_S_D32_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.s.d", FGR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_CVT>,
                   ABS_FM_MM<0, 0x6d>;
def CVT_S_W_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"cvt.s.w", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CVT>,
                 ABS_FM_MM<1, 0x6d>;

def FABS_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"abs.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_ABS, fabs>,
              ABS_FM_MM<1, 0xd>;
def FNEG_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"neg.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_NEG, fneg>,
              ABS_FM_MM<1, 0x2d>;

def FMOV_D32_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"mov.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_MOV_D>,
                  ABS_FM_MM<1, 0x1>, FGR_32;

def MOVZ_I_S_MM : MMRel, CMov_I_F_FT<"movz.s", GPR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
                                     II_MOVZ_S>, CMov_I_F_FM_MM<0x78, 0>;
def MOVN_I_S_MM : MMRel, CMov_I_F_FT<"movn.s", GPR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
                                     II_MOVN_S>, CMov_I_F_FM_MM<0x38, 0>;
def MOVZ_I_D32_MM : MMRel, CMov_I_F_FT<"movz.d", GPR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd,
                                       II_MOVZ_D>, CMov_I_F_FM_MM<0x78, 1>;
def MOVN_I_D32_MM : MMRel, CMov_I_F_FT<"movn.d", GPR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd,
                                       II_MOVN_D>, CMov_I_F_FM_MM<0x38, 1>;

def MOVT_S_MM : MMRel, CMov_F_F_FT<"movt.s", FGR32Opnd, II_MOVT_S,
                                   MipsCMovFP_T>, CMov_F_F_FM_MM<0x60, 0>;
def MOVF_S_MM : MMRel, CMov_F_F_FT<"movf.s", FGR32Opnd, II_MOVF_S,
                                   MipsCMovFP_F>, CMov_F_F_FM_MM<0x20, 0>;
def MOVT_D32_MM : MMRel, CMov_F_F_FT<"movt.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_MOVT_D,
                                     MipsCMovFP_T>, CMov_F_F_FM_MM<0x60, 1>;
def MOVF_D32_MM : MMRel, CMov_F_F_FT<"movf.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_MOVF_D,
                                     MipsCMovFP_F>, CMov_F_F_FM_MM<0x20, 1>;
def MFC1_MM : MMRel, MFC1_FT<"mfc1", GPR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
                             II_MFC1, bitconvert>, MFC1_FM_MM<0x80>;
def MTC1_MM : MMRel, MTC1_FT<"mtc1", FGR32Opnd, GPR32Opnd,
                             II_MTC1, bitconvert>, MFC1_FM_MM<0xa0>;

def MADD_S_MM : MMRel, MADDS_FT<"madd.s", FGR32Opnd, II_MADD_S, fadd>,
def MSUB_S_MM : MMRel, MADDS_FT<"msub.s", FGR32Opnd, II_MSUB_S, fsub>,
def NMADD_S_MM : MMRel, NMADDS_FT<"nmadd.s", FGR32Opnd, II_NMADD_S, fadd>,
def NMSUB_S_MM : MMRel, NMADDS_FT<"nmsub.s", FGR32Opnd, II_NMSUB_S, fsub>,

def MADD_D32_MM  : MMRel, MADDS_FT<"madd.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_MADD_D, fadd>,
def MSUB_D32_MM  : MMRel, MADDS_FT<"msub.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_MSUB_D, fsub>,
def NMADD_D32_MM : MMRel, NMADDS_FT<"nmadd.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_NMADD_D, fadd>,
def NMSUB_D32_MM : MMRel, NMADDS_FT<"nmsub.d", AFGR64Opnd, II_NMSUB_D, fsub>,

let AdditionalPredicates = [InMicroMips] in {
  def FLOOR_W_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"floor.w.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
    II_FLOOR>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0x2c>;
  def TRUNC_W_S_MM : MMRel, StdMMR6Rel, ABSS_FT<"trunc.w.s", FGR32Opnd,
    FGR32Opnd, II_TRUNC>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0xac>;
  def CEIL_W_S_MM  : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"ceil.w.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_CEIL>,
    ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0x6c>;
  def FSQRT_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"sqrt.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd, II_SQRT_S,
    fsqrt>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<0, 0x28>;
  def MTHC1_MM : MMRel, MTC1_64_FT<"mthc1", AFGR64Opnd, GPR32Opnd, II_MTHC1>,
             MFC1_FM_MM<0xe0>, ISA_MIPS32R2, FGR_32;
  def MFHC1_MM : MMRel, MFC1_FT<"mfhc1", GPR32Opnd, AFGR64Opnd, II_MFHC1>,
                 MFC1_FM_MM<0xc0>, ISA_MIPS32R2, FGR_32;
  let DecoderNamespace = "MicroMips" in {
    def CFC1_MM : MMRel, MFC1_FT<"cfc1", GPR32Opnd, CCROpnd, II_CFC1>,
    def CTC1_MM : MMRel, MTC1_FT<"ctc1", CCROpnd, GPR32Opnd, II_CTC1>,
    def RECIP_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"recip.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
                     ROUND_W_FM_MM<0b0, 0b01001000>;
    def RECIP_D_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"recip.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd,
                                 II_RECIP_D>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<0b1, 0b01001000>;
    def RSQRT_S_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"rsqrt.s", FGR32Opnd, FGR32Opnd,
                     ROUND_W_FM_MM<0b0, 0b00001000>;
    def RSQRT_D_MM : MMRel, ABSS_FT<"rsqrt.d", AFGR64Opnd, AFGR64Opnd,
                                 II_RECIP_D>, ROUND_W_FM_MM<0b1, 0b00001000>;
  let DecoderNamespace = "MicroMips",  DecoderMethod = "DecodeFMemMMR2" in {
    def LDC1_MM : MMRel, LW_FT<"ldc1", AFGR64Opnd, mem_mm_16, II_LDC1, load>,
                  LW_FM_MM<0x2f>, FGR_32 {
      let BaseOpcode = "LDC132";
    def SDC1_MM : MMRel, SW_FT<"sdc1", AFGR64Opnd, mem_mm_16, II_SDC1, store>,
                  LW_FM_MM<0x2e>, FGR_32;
    def LWC1_MM : MMRel, LW_FT<"lwc1", FGR32Opnd, mem_mm_16, II_LWC1, load>,
    def SWC1_MM : MMRel, SW_FT<"swc1", FGR32Opnd, mem_mm_16, II_SWC1, store>,

  multiclass C_COND_MM<string TypeStr, RegisterOperand RC, bits<2> fmt,
                      InstrItinClass itin> {
    def C_F_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"f", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                    C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 0> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.f."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_UN_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"un", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                     C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 1> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.un."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_EQ_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"eq", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                     C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 2> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.eq."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_UEQ_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ueq", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 3> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ueq."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_OLT_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"olt", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 4> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.olt."#NAME;
    def C_ULT_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ult", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 5> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ult."#NAME;
    def C_OLE_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ole", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 6> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ole."#NAME;
    def C_ULE_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ule", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                       C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 7> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ule."#NAME;
    def C_SF_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"sf", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                     C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 8> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.sf."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_NGLE_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ngle", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                       C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 9> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ngle."#NAME;
    def C_SEQ_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"seq", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 10> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.seq."#NAME;
      let isCommutable = 1;
    def C_NGL_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ngl", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 11> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ngl."#NAME;
    def C_LT_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"lt", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                     C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 12> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.lt."#NAME;
    def C_NGE_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"nge", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 13> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.nge."#NAME;
    def C_LE_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"le", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                     C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 14> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.le."#NAME;
    def C_NGT_#NAME#_MM : MMRel, C_COND_FT<"ngt", TypeStr, RC, itin>,
                      C_COND_FM_MM<fmt, 15> {
      let BaseOpcode = "c.ngt."#NAME;

  defm S   : C_COND_MM<"s", FGR32Opnd, 0b00, II_C_CC_S>,
  defm D32 : C_COND_MM<"d", AFGR64Opnd, 0b01, II_C_CC_D>,
             ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6, FGR_32;
  let DecoderNamespace = "Mips64" in
  defm D64 : C_COND_MM<"d", FGR64Opnd, 0b01, II_C_CC_D>,
                ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6, FGR_64;

  defm S_MM   : C_COND_ALIASES<"s", FGR32Opnd>, HARDFLOAT,
  defm D32_MM : C_COND_ALIASES<"d", AFGR64Opnd>, HARDFLOAT,
                ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6, FGR_32;
  defm D64_MM : C_COND_ALIASES<"d", FGR64Opnd>, HARDFLOAT,
                ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6, FGR_64;

  defm : BC1_ALIASES<BC1T_MM, "bc1t", BC1F_MM, "bc1f">,
         ISA_MIPS1_NOT_32R6_64R6, HARDFLOAT;

// Floating Point Patterns
let AdditionalPredicates = [InMicroMips] in {
  // Patterns for loads/stores with a reg+imm operand.
  let AddedComplexity = 40 in {
    def : LoadRegImmPat<LDC1_MM, f64, load>, FGR_32;
    def : StoreRegImmPat<SDC1_MM, f64>, FGR_32;
    def : LoadRegImmPat<LWC1_MM, f32, load>;
    def : StoreRegImmPat<SWC1_MM, f32>;