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#                       test/Regression/CFrontend/Makefile
# This directory contains regression tests for the GCC C frontend for LLVM.  
# These tests are C source files that are input to GCC and compiled to .ll
# files. After that, the files are assembled by the LLVM 'as' program to make
# sure GCC emitted something valid.  This is intended to catch crashers and bad
# output by GCC.  Miscompilations by GCC should be caught by the 
# test/Programs/SingleSource/UnitTests test suite
LEVEL = ../../..
include $(LEVEL)/test/Makefile.tests

TESTS := $(wildcard *.c)
TR_TESTS := $(wildcard *.c.tr)

all:: $(addprefix Output/, $(TESTS:%.c=%.tbc))
all:: $(addprefix Output/, $(TR_TESTS:%=%.out))

Output/%.c.tr.out: %.c.tr Output/.dir $(LCC1)
	-$(TESTRUNR) $<