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//===-- MipsSEFrameLowering.h - Mips32/64 frame lowering --------*- C++ -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.


#include "MipsFrameLowering.h"

namespace llvm {

class MipsSEFrameLowering : public MipsFrameLowering {
  explicit MipsSEFrameLowering(const MipsSubtarget &STI);

  /// emitProlog/emitEpilog - These methods insert prolog and epilog code into
  /// the function.
  void emitPrologue(MachineFunction &MF) const override;
  void emitEpilogue(MachineFunction &MF, MachineBasicBlock &MBB) const override;

  void eliminateCallFramePseudoInstr(MachineFunction &MF,
                                  MachineBasicBlock &MBB,
                                  MachineBasicBlock::iterator I) const override;

  bool spillCalleeSavedRegisters(MachineBasicBlock &MBB,
                                 MachineBasicBlock::iterator MI,
                                 const std::vector<CalleeSavedInfo> &CSI,
                                 const TargetRegisterInfo *TRI) const override;

  bool hasReservedCallFrame(const MachineFunction &MF) const override;

  void processFunctionBeforeCalleeSavedScan(MachineFunction &MF,
                                            RegScavenger *RS) const override;
  unsigned ehDataReg(unsigned I) const;

} // End llvm namespace