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//===- Transforms/Instrumentation.h - Instrumentation passes ----*- C++ -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines constructor functions for instrumentation passes.


#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"

namespace llvm {

class ModulePass;
class FunctionPass;

// Insert edge profiling instrumentation
ModulePass *createEdgeProfilerPass();

// Insert optimal edge profiling instrumentation
ModulePass *createOptimalEdgeProfilerPass();

// Insert path profiling instrumentation
ModulePass *createPathProfilerPass();

// Insert GCOV profiling instrumentation
struct GCOVOptions {
  static GCOVOptions getDefault();

  // Specify whether to emit .gcno files.
  bool EmitNotes;

  // Specify whether to modify the program to emit .gcda files when run.
  bool EmitData;

  // A four-byte version string. The meaning of a version string is described in
  // gcc's gcov-io.h
  char Version[4];

  // Emit a "cfg checksum" that follows the "line number checksum" of a
  // function. This affects both .gcno and .gcda files.
  bool UseCfgChecksum;

  // Add the 'noredzone' attribute to added runtime library calls.
  bool NoRedZone;

  // Emit the name of the function in the .gcda files. This is redundant, as
  // the function identifier can be used to find the name from the .gcno file.
  bool FunctionNamesInData;
ModulePass *createGCOVProfilerPass(const GCOVOptions &Options =

// Insert AddressSanitizer (address sanity checking) instrumentation
FunctionPass *createAddressSanitizerFunctionPass(
    bool CheckInitOrder = true, bool CheckUseAfterReturn = false,
    bool CheckLifetime = false, StringRef BlacklistFile = StringRef(),
    bool ZeroBaseShadow = false);
ModulePass *createAddressSanitizerModulePass(
    bool CheckInitOrder = true, StringRef BlacklistFile = StringRef(),
    bool ZeroBaseShadow = false);

// Insert MemorySanitizer instrumentation (detection of uninitialized reads)
FunctionPass *createMemorySanitizerPass(bool TrackOrigins = false,
                                        StringRef BlacklistFile = StringRef());

// Insert ThreadSanitizer (race detection) instrumentation
FunctionPass *createThreadSanitizerPass(StringRef BlacklistFile = StringRef());

// BoundsChecking - This pass instruments the code to perform run-time bounds
// checking on loads, stores, and other memory intrinsics.
FunctionPass *createBoundsCheckingPass();

/// createDebugIRPass - Create and return a pass that modifies a module's
/// debug metadata to point back to IR instead of the original source file
ModulePass *createDebugIRPass(StringRef FilenamePostfix);

} // End llvm namespace