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//====- X86Instr3DNow.td - The 3DNow! Instruction Set ------*- tablegen -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file describes the 3DNow! instruction set, which extends MMX to support
// floating point and also adds a few more random instructions for good measure.

// FIXME: We don't support any intrinsics for these instructions yet.

class I3DNow<bits<8> o, Format F, dag outs, dag ins, string asm, 
             list<dag> pattern>
      : I<o, F, outs, ins, asm, pattern>, TB, Requires<[Has3DNow]> {

class I3DNow_binop<bits<8> o, Format F, dag ins, string Mnemonic>
      : I<o, F, (outs VR64:$dst), ins,
          !strconcat(Mnemonic, "\t{$src2, $dst|$dst, $src2}"), []>,
          TB, Requires<[Has3DNow]>, Has3DNow0F0FOpcode {
  // FIXME: The disassembler doesn't support Has3DNow0F0FOpcode yet.
  let isAsmParserOnly = 1;

let Constraints = "$src1 = $dst" in {
  // MMXI_binop_rm_int - Simple MMX binary operator based on intrinsic.
  // When this is cleaned up, remove the FIXME from X86RecognizableInstr.cpp.
  multiclass I3DNow_binop_rm<bits<8> opc, string Mn> {
    def rr : I3DNow_binop<opc, MRMSrcReg, (ins VR64:$src1, VR64:$src2), Mn>;
    def rm : I3DNow_binop<opc, MRMSrcMem, (ins VR64:$src1, i64mem:$src2), Mn>;

defm PAVGUSB  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xBF, "pavgusb">;
defm PF2ID    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x1D, "pf2id">;
defm PFACC    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xAE, "pfacc">;
defm PFADD    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x9E, "pfadd">;
defm PFCMPEQ  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xB0, "pfcmpeq">;
defm PFCMPGE  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x90, "pfcmpge">;
defm PFCMPGT  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xA0, "pfcmpgt">;
defm PFMAX    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xA4, "pfmax">;
defm PFMIN    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x94, "pfmin">;
defm PFMUL    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xB4, "pfmul">;
defm PFRCP    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x96, "pfrcp">;
defm PFRCPIT1 : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xA6, "pfrcpit1">;
defm PFRCPIT2 : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xB6, "pfrcpit2">;
defm PFRSQIT1 : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xA7, "pfrsqit1">;
defm PFRSQRT  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x97, "pfrsqrt">;
defm PFSUB    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x9A, "pfsub">;
defm PFSUBR   : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xAA, "pfsubr">;
defm PI2FD    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x0D, "pi2fd">;
defm PMULHRW  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xB7, "pmulhrw">;

def FEMMS : I3DNow<0x0E, RawFrm, (outs), (ins), "femms", [(int_x86_mmx_femms)]>;

def PREFETCH  : I3DNow<0x0D, MRM0m, (outs), (ins i32mem:$addr),
                       "prefetch $addr", []>;
// FIXME: Diassembler gets a bogus decode conflict.
let isAsmParserOnly = 1 in {
def PREFETCHW : I3DNow<0x0D, MRM1m, (outs), (ins i16mem:$addr),
                       "prefetchw $addr", []>;

// "3DNowA" instructions
defm PF2IW    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x1C, "pf2iw">;
defm PI2FW    : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x0C, "pi2fw">;
defm PFNACC   : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x8A, "pfnacc">;
defm PFPNACC  : I3DNow_binop_rm<0x8E, "pfpnacc">;
defm PSWAPD   : I3DNow_binop_rm<0xBB, "pswapd">;